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Dry Sift Vibrator
Bubble Hash Machine
Foil Ziplock Herb Tablet Bags
1 Gallon Mesh Bubble Hash Bags
5 Gallon Wacky Bubble Hash Bags
20 Gallon All Mesh Hash Bags
Hash Oil Vaporizer
Dr. Pill Punch | 8 mm
Dr. Pill Punch | 10mm
Dr. Pill Punch | 19.9mm
Dr. Pill Punch | 23mm
T-Bar Press | 19 mm
T-Bar Press | 25 mm
T-Bar Press | 30 mm
Rosin Tech Extraction
Co2 Bubble Extractor
Dr. Pill Crusher
Pill Tablet Sifter
Dr. Pill Press | 30 mm
Dry Ice Hash Extraction Bags
Zipper Extraction Hash Bags
Combo Bubble Ice Bags
Bubble Ice Bag 55 Gallon
Bubble Bags by Fresh Headies
Essential Oil Filter Screens
Pressing Screen
Bubble Now Washing Machine
Tumble Now Machine
Stainless Steel Herb Grinder
Digital Scales
Hash Dry Keif Pollen Screens
Herb Weed Keif Grinder
Glass Hash Oil Vials
Plastic Hash Oil Vials
BHO Hash Oil Cooking Mat
BHO / Honey Oil Extractor
Kief Hash Butter Machine
Rolling Paper Cones
Stash Containers
Dry Sift Cards
Dry Sift Brushes
Dry Sift Screens
Dry Sift Microscope
Gold Fingernail
Hip Hop Bracelets
Created Diamond Earrings
Created Diamond Bracelets
Ladies Created Diamond Rings

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With over 20 years in the retail business we know what you want ! You can call us direct not like other websites hiding there
 phone number ! We sell vials - hash bags- pollen presses - dry ice bags -hash oil vaporizers -scales -pipes -hash machines -
grinders -hash presses - 20 gallon all mesh bags and the list goes on and on

ON SALE NOW !!! Take better Selfies with a Light weight, Compact telescopic pole. Extendable up to 97 cm you can include all of your friends. Only 20 cm when closed the pole is small enough to take everywhere. Perfect for Sports events, Concerts, Festivals and nights out with Friends. Use with any Camera or use the removable adapter for smart phones.

The Newest Filtration Device from Wacky Willy’s will change the way you extract. This high powered, compact device can filter particulates as small as 5 micron from any liquid in just minutes. The filtration bowl spins at 3000 RPM forcing the liquid threw the filters and out the drain spout while the particulates are caught in the filtration ribbons. This counter top device is small but packs a big punch.

2 piece Stainless Steel Grinder that is suitable for grinding herbs, spices, seeds and more. You can operate the grinder by hand, turning the top portion until the contents have reached the desired consistency or Attach the Grinder to any power drill and let the drill do all the work. Stainless steel does not dull like softer metals which mean the grinding teeth will stay sharp even after years of use. Easily clean and sanitize in the dishwasher or with Isopropyl Alcohol.

These square filters measure 5"X 5" Perfect for use with any Mason jar or Oil extractor. The screens can be cut smaller to fit the Wacky Honey Oil Extractor or Tincture Press. Each Square is heat sealed to ensure the pore size is consistent during and after each use and Heat cut to prevent the edges from fraying. Made from Solvent resistant material these screens are safe to use for Edibles oils or Tinctures as well as solvent extractions for herbal and medicinal plants.

Foil Ziplock bags: Made From Eco-Friendly, food grade Materials Keeps the smell IN and UV light, oxygen and moisture OUT! Perfect for Pills, Herbs, Supplements Resealable and Reusable
1 Gram / 4 Gram / 11 Gram Sizes with too many design options to list!

Store your Herbs, Pills and Herbal extractions in Airtight, Moisture resistant, Odor Proof and Food Safe Vials. 60 Dram Size perfect for up to 14 grams of Herbs.
Available in your choice of BLUE, PURPLE or GREEN.

Unlike other e-cigarette kits the Wacky Puffer is designed for Medical Hash oil and concentrates. This means a battery with enough power to vaporize rather than combust/burn Vaporizing allows you to medicate anywhere while still being discreet. Unlike smoke, vapor has no odor and no harmful side affects to your health. The Wacky Puffer kit includes everything you need to get started
Your choice of Color: Chrome / Gold / Gun Metal

Unlike Plastic extractors Stainless steel is Food Grade, Dishwasher safe and Solvent resistant which makes it perfect for oil extraction. Glass extractors can crack or chip, This Stainless steel extractor will last a lifetime. With a filter screen that fits inside the filter cap there is no need to use a hose clamp. Both the top and filter cap thread on making the unit easy to assemble, use and easy to clean.


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