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Home » Kief Hash Butter Machine

Marijuana Butter Machine Discounts Apply !
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Marijuana Butter Machine
Keif Butter Machine, For thousands of years people have been consuming Cannabis for Health and Pleasure. Cannabis or Cannabis resins are heated along with fats to create edibles that deliver the benifits of THC without the harmful effects of smoking. Herbal infused butter is both delicious and healthy. Its also difficult to make and tends to create a smell that permeates the house. Making butter the old fashioned way requires a crock pot or double boiler, a thermometer and about 2 hours of constant attendance and stirring. If you cook it too hot, the herbs and their subtle qualities break down. If you dont cook it enough, the herbs do not have the correct potency. Give your Mom back her slow cooker, Put away the double boiler, thermometer and wooden spoon and join the future with an automated CannaButter Machine. No more stiring, no more burned butter just perfect CannaButter in 3 easy steps! 1. Pour Ingerdients into Machine Melted Butter or Oil Your Favorite Herb 2. Push buttom for Desired Cycle Butter (about 2 hour cycle) Oil (about 1 hour) Mushroom 3. Once Cycle is Finished. Strain and store Butter Clean up couldnt be easier Add hot water and dish soap to the machine and select the Clean Cycle Here is what people are saying: "Well, with MagicalButter you dont have to worry about anything. You dont even have to grind up the herbs, as the MagicalButter even does that for you! This thing is too easy. No mistakes.perfect every time. You can make butter in under 5 minutespress a button and literally leave the house and do something else!" "Your herbal butter will come out the same way, time after time. That means more accurate recipes and better flavor!" "There was nothing to clean up, no counter space lost, no mistakes made..and perfect butter on the first try!" "What a pleasure it was to read simple directions, press a button and have perfect herbal butter 2 hours later!"
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so awesome

apartment dweller - 20th March 2013

I have always loved cannabutter, but I live an apartment with cranky neighbours that do not enjoy the smell of cannabutter cooking on the stove.
The Magical Butter Machine is awesome. I can make butter again! There is no smell while it is cooking, and it is super easy to use. I have recommended it to all my friends. Apartment or not if you love Cannabutter you will love this Machine!

most amazing invention in the world

maryJane420 - 15th March 2013

If you have the money and love to eat edibles then you absolutely must buy this. It is so easy to use the biggest stoner in the world could figure it out even when ur stoned lol. I love THC but can't enjoy smoking it because it kills my lung, throw, and chest. Makin edibles used to be an all day task and there was always a risk of burning it and wasting all my green until I found this it is impossible to burn a toddler could use this (not recommended ) lol! Anyways if you love to be high and can't handle smoking this is you solution. It's now so easy to make edibles just about everyday and it's perfect for people that are sick too. I have a neurological disease that causes chronic pain and THC helps and this makes it so easy for me to literally put THC in everything and taste AMAZING!!! Thanks to whoever invented this you saved me. Order now!

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